Monday, 12 July 2010

British weather - it's the pits!

It’s so cold
It’s so cold
One must wear so many bits

It’s so cold
It’s so cold
My skin is having goosebump fits

It’s so cold
It’s so cold
I think I’m freezing off my …

It’s so cold
It’s so cold
Who are these crazy Brits

It’s so cold
It’s so cold
How do they just put up with this


Not so cold
Not so cold
Could it possibly be warmer?

It's so warm
It's so warm
I think we’re finally having summer


It's so cold
It's so cold
And now it’s raining, what a bummer!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

My Gran'mummie

When I picked these two little faeries to keep my blog warm, it didn't occur to me that they were very Gran'mummie! I just loved them and they reminded me of home. But my mum is right - they are very Gran'mum. And just so you can get a tiny picture of what she was like...

My Gran'mummie

This woman I called Gran'mum
I can’t remember quite enough
But I do recall her cool and calm
And with Gran'dad, strong and tough

I remember big white sunnies
Thin sandwiches without a crust
Cold beer and hidden lollies
Sure signs of one to trust

I remember how she taught me
To love faeries through and through
And pixies, gnomes and elves
And perhaps a troll or two

A bush of bright white daisies
Brings her gardens to my mind
She was a sculptor of the landscape
A greener thumb you’d never find

I can’t forget her music skills
The pianola and kazoo
And if she had a pair of spoons
Well, she’d play them fiercely too

Her skin was well loved by the sun
And all us grandkids too
Just one more hug from those brown arms
I’d do anything for two

And now I’ve realised I recall
More of my Gran'mum than I thought
It just took a little searching
To find the memories that I sought

She was so much more than memories
Made by someone once so young
But for me they are the snapshots
That made her my Gran'mum!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Rhyming rubbish

I met a man who had a blog
He said it was so simple
I think he lied
Cos I have tried
And now I'd rather squeeze a pimple!

But I was taught to try again
If at first you don't succeed
So here I go
A bit so so
Now at least I've done the deed!

I've made a pact I'll try to keep
To writing rhyming rubbish
And perhaps I'll find
One day in time
Someone kind enough to publish!

So follow me to have a laugh
At silly things I've written
For all you know
I might just show
I can chew more than I've bitten...